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Rope Access Jobs

Welcome to the worlds largest resource for Rope Access Jobs. Technicians working in Industrial Rope Access onshore and offshore worldwide can achieve a lucrative career.

International Rope Access Companies using this busy website have urgent job requirements for all international Rope Access technicians.

Types of technicians required are (but not limited to)include:

  • Geotechnical
  • Painting and blasting
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing)
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Pipework
  • Railways
  • Welding
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Rope Access Training

rope access helmetThe IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) Level 1 Rope Access ticket is the best place to start as it offers a truly global qualification which enables the technician to work anywhere. Whatever level you require you will find a training supplier that fits your needs. Our large listing of international Rope Access training companies is the finest available. Our world mapping facility is available to allow you to easily select a training provider closest to you.

There are also a range of other courses available to compliment your existing Rope Access qualifications, from rigging to first aid.

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Verti-tech ltd logoVerti-tech ltd
VertiTech specialise in high or otherwise difficult access through the application of advanced abseil techniques These capabilities coupled with trade skills and technical qualifications help us access each clients individual needs and arrive at a solution that is both practical and cost effective
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Rope Access Companies

rope access helmetRope Access is a cost effective and very safe method of work. The international Rope Access industry is expanding at an ever increasing rate as a result. Our comprehensive Rope Access companies list contains the largest online listing and is an essential tool for those seeking Rope Access employment, Rope Access training and Rope Access services worldwide.

Our database contains companies in three main categorise: Rope Access Services, Rope Access equipment suppliers and Rope Access training companies. This is the worlds largest online repository of Rope Access companies and is expanding daily. Operating companies in our database can carry out international Rope Access services, safer, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than any other type of height access.

Here are some examples of the types of work successfully carried out:

  • Bird netting and pest control
  • Bridge maintenance and repairs
  • Building maintenance and repairs
  • Geotechnical - cliff stabilisation, railway embankments
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing)
  • Offshore oil installations
  • Pipework repairs, inspections and removals
  • Railways
  • Safety netting installations
  • Shopping malls
  • Training in all height discipline methods
Are you responsible for procurement of the above services? If so, take a look through the Rope Access Service companies database.